Digital Transformation

INTELLIGENCE & AUTOMATION Digital Transformation Leverage technology for competitive advantage. Our digital transformation services help organizations leverage digital technologies to enhance business processes, improve customer experiences, and achieve...

AI & Innovation

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Financial Integrity

We work with your financial institution to ensure accurate financials and help you implement processes designed to capture opportunity while minimizing risk.

Growth & Expansion Strategies

Growth means more than getting bigger. It means getting better. It means attaining more resources for compliance, support and services that will better serve you in the years ahead.

Regulatory Compliance

Knowing which regulations to prioritize is as important as knowing how to respond. HORNE proactively monitors regulations and laws impacting financial institutions.

Risk Management

Taking a holistic, risk-focused approach to your entire enterprise, HORNE strengthens your risk coverage so you can operate efficiently, enjoy peace of mind and realize a sustainable capacity for growth.

Strategic Consulting

By combining our strong analytical skills, personal knowledge of your organization and extensive background in the financial sectors, we’re able to provide a fresh perspective in key areas of your business.

Client Advisory Services

PRIVATE companies Client Advisory Services In running a business, focus is everything. If routine financial tasks and back-office functions are diverting your attention from more pressing priorities, HORNE can help. We offer a full array of client advisory services...

Audit & Assurance

To stay prepared for opportunities, you need sound financial information and controls that ensure compliance and manage risk. Monitoring each potential source of risk can be time consuming and create uncertainties, whether it’s internal components, like technology, or the impact of evolving industry regulations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you interested in selling your business, identifying a potential target for acquisition or merging with an organization that has complementary strengths? HORNE can help you position your company for success by assisting you with the extensive array of details involved with M&A opportunities.

Risk Management

Today, it’s not enough to simply know your business. Complex risk, regulations and reporting requirements mean that you and your executive team must have access to a balance of financial, legal and business expertise. HORNE helps you build leadership structures that establish the skills, expertise and diversity needed to meet the demands and expectations of today’s business environment.

Strategic Consulting (Private)

We bring together industry, economic and business expertise to give you a complete sense of the opportunities and challenges you can expect on the road ahead.

Strategic Consulting (Public)

HORNE can provide objective insights into the potential pitfalls, innovative solutions or best practices that help you make smarter, data-driven business decisions. Our strong analytical skills bring a fresh perspective to key areas of your business.

Tax Compliance & Planning

We help you find ways to ensure that you are fulfilling your tax obligations without leaving money on the table, whether it’s identifying opportunities for tax credits, recovering past overpayments or discovering missed deductions.

Client Advisory Services

In today’s environment, you face an array of challenges. Patient satisfaction. Shifting regulations. Burnout. Dealing with payers. Employee turnover. How you manage these challenges impacts your practice’s growth and success.

Reimbursement & Advisory for Hospitals

Our HORNE team offers timely and relevant insights to help optimize reimbursements, protect margins and identify the best opportunities for growth. We evaluate your unique environment and look at the competitive forces to provide financial impact analyses and reveal the best strategies going forward.

Reimbursement & Advisory for Long-Term Care

HORNE’s healthcare team provides clinical and financial insights to help optimize reimbursements, protect margins and identify solutions to capitalize on opportunities to increase efficiency and profitability.


We offer specialized insight with the most up-to-date valuation guidance and industry trends needed for sound business decisions.


Propel your dental practice forward by maximizing your earnings from the beginning.


DENTAL PRACTICES Succession Get the optimum price for your practice when it’s time to sell. Secure optimum value for your practice. After patient care, a main goal of a practice owner should be to maximize the economic benefits achieved from the eventual change in...


Financial integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of trust and credibility in the government sector. To generate the greatest result for the community and individuals within it, you must maximize the reach and impact of funding. Our approach balances government-industry knowledge with stringent accounting standards so you can have peace of mind about using government funding efficiently and adequately.


COVID-19 presents new operations, funding and compliance challenges for local governments, state agencies and healthcare. With a history of service in crisis situations, HORNE has developed methods to speed up recovery processes and deliver results quickly.

Disaster Recovery

We have earned respect from federal, state and local leaders as successful managers of disaster recovery funding and for our total dedication to putting in place the processes and structures for sustained community improvement. When recovery is done well, communities return stronger and more resilient.


HEALTHCARE Cybersecurity Our cyber assurance specialists help you protect vital patient information and lower the risks of potentially costly cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is today’s number one business risk. With cybercrime on the rise, the patients and...

Healthcare Analytics

HORNE has invested in a best-in-class healthcare analytics platform that gives providers access to transformative technology, without transformative costs.

HIPAA Privacy & Security

HEALTHCARE HIPAA Privacy & Security Create an effective compliance program to identify your organization’s level of compliance and prioritize areas of improvement. Your privacy and security matter. Today, it’s not a matter of if your IT will be compromised, but...


GOVERNMENT Environmental Creating a sustainable tomorrow, today. We understand the impact recovery projects can have on the environment and are committed to ensuring compliance with standards at the local, state and federal levels. Our environmental planning solutions...

Geographic Information System

If you need to know where something happened, where it’s likely to happen or why it happened in a certain place, a Geographic Information System provides that information. By visualizing and analyzing data through maps, GIS allows you to see patterns and relationships that spreadsheets simply can’t show. GIS turns numbers into visuals, allowing you to dig deeper and discover greater value in your data.

Historic Preservation

Our team includes former staff reviewers for the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). Their perspectives and experiences allow us to anticipate concerns while keeping the historic integrity of the community. We also ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

P3 Compliance & Monitoring

Government P3 Compliance & Monitoring Collaborative and efficient. Public-private partnerships (P3) aim to take the strengths of both sectors to complete important projects. Maintaining public trust and confidence is a critical step to ensuring these...

Program Management

HORNE builds its programs with successful outcomes in mind and then develops the plans, systems and workflow processes to match the program’s unique requirements. We collaborate to establish procedures using best practices from similar programs.

Technology Solutions

For over 15 years HORNE has been delivering applications that create stable process management while driving innovation for federally funded programs across the United States and beyond. HORNE’s team of solution engineers solve complex problems across all facets of delivery. Infrastructure, development, quality assurance, and data are only the tip of the spear when we launch teams for program delivery that need to integrate with existing solutions or re-engineer processes

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Franchise Strategic Consulting Where do you want to take your business? Looking to grow? Do you have a structure and organization to support growth? Need a succession or estate plan? Planning a course for the future isn’t just about the numbers. It’s also about your...
Strategic Consulting

Tax Compliance & Planning

At HORNE, we offer a courtesy tax review of prior year filings to identify missed opportunities. We strive to thoroughly understand your situation in order to make the best recommendations on a go-forward basis.

Client Advisory Services

Client Advisory Services

Trust us to manage your day-to-day bill pay, bookkeeping, payroll and tax services while our team of industry experts guide you to make better decisions through tax and financial planning, operational consulting, benchmarking and more.

Strategic Consulting

Risk Management

Some of the biggest concerns and risks you face fall outside the realm of day-to-day business. Whether it’s protecting your business against embezzlement and fraud, documenting claims for insurance or litigation or safeguarding the integrity of your data, IT systems and operations, HORNE has effective solutions to address risks unique to businesses with high-transaction volumes, largely cash receipts and high employee turnover.

Business Exit Strategy

Business Exit Strategy

When you’re busy juggling projects, it’s hard to picture walking away from your business. But sooner or later, all businesses transition — whether through acquisition, inheritance, retirement or the death of the owner.

Business Exit Strategy

Fraud, Forensics & Litigation

Fraud has always been a concern for contractors. But recent technological advances such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and internet-enabled machinery have opened a new realm of potential risk and exposure.

Business Exit Strategy

Audit & Assurance

CONSTRUCTION Audit & Assurance Find the opportunities you’ve been missing. Where can you improve performance? How can you evaluate job costs more accurately? What can you do to increase the chance that bonding is available when you need it? At HORNE, we work...
Business Exit Strategy

Job Costing

You can’t predict and protect profitability unless you understand the true cost of doing business. A thorough analysis of job costs can reduce your risk of loss, as well as help fine-tune profitability as your business grows.

Business Exit Strategy

Client Advisory Services

Day-to-day financial tasks are time consuming and take in-house resources that are often better used in other areas. Free yourself from having to staff, train and oversee back-office functions, and remove the headaches and worries of turnover and compliance with Client Advisory Services from HORNE.

Business Exit Strategy

Strategic Consulting

As your business grows, so will your needs. Our Strategic Consulting services can help you manage growth and profitability and position you to address challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Business Exit Strategy

Tax Compliance & Planning

With owner-operated companies, it’s easy to blur the line between personal and business finances. How can you take a long-term financial view for both? Is it smarter to leave money in the business or take it out? What’s the best way to manage your personal and business taxes?