Strategic Consulting

Where do you want to take your business?

Looking to grow? Do you have a structure and organization to support growth? Need a succession or estate plan?

Planning a course for the future isn’t just about the numbers. It’s also about your personal goals and what you want your career and life to be. 

Strategic Growth Planning

How much growth do you want — and how much can you realistically handle?

A successful growth strategy requires two things: evaluating and pinpointing which opportunities to pursue and the capital or financial footing to secure them. Our 40 years of franchise experience enables us to show you the performance, long-term viability and risks associated with almost any opportunity. Our financial knowledge helps you determine if and when the time is right.

Services include:

  • Bank loan and lease package preparation
  • Benchmark and key operating indicator reports
  • Budget creation
  • Cash/working capital management consulting
  • Debt negotiations
  • Overhead/profitability analysis and consulting
  • Franchise position examination to affirm or modify direction
  • Growth plan execution with performance measures
  • Financial planning, timing and cost benefits of rebuilds and remodeling
  • Financing options and source assistance

Organizational Structure

Your business entity structure has far-reaching legal and tax implications. Choosing the right entity structure is key.

As your business matures, we can help guide you in considering changing corporate structure to take advantage of tax benefits — all with the goals of minimizing risk and enabling growth.

  • Entity selection
  • Strategies to protect personal assets
  • Merger, acquisition and restructuring services
  • Compensation programs and employee benefits, including life insurance, health insurance, 401(k) and IRA
  • Regulatory compliance

Business Exit Strategy

When you’re busy growing a business, one of the last things on your mind is how to leave it. As a result, more than 83% of small business owners have no formal exit strategy.

Many franchisees have personal wealth tied up in the business. We encourage our franchise clients to develop an exit strategy that will provide a post-exit lifestyle, a succession plan and an estate plan.  

The sooner and more definitively you plan for the future, the more likely you are to arrive at the outcome you want.

A successful growth strategy requires two things: evaluating and pinpointing which opportunities to pursue and the capital or financial footing to secure them.

Acquisition Assistance & Consulting

Embracing the notion that “any growth is good growth” is a common mistake business owners can make. HORNE is happy to serve as an objective third party, helping to determine if an acquisition is right for you. From evaluating new markets and assessing your operation’s health and potential to determining the real-world market value of an acquisition, we provide valuable perspective to factor into your decision.

Once we target an acquisition, HORNE Capital can help facilitate the transaction, from valuation and offer preparation through funding, closing and post-transactional integration.

Finance Facilitation

In the franchise industry, growth can depend on your ability to secure capital. We often partner with HORNE Capital to serve as your bridge to the financing you need. From preparing the necessary financing and marketing documents to identifying potential lenders and investors, we can help you access the funds you need to further your success.

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Acceleration & Growth

HORNE’s acceleration and growth services help you stay ahead of the change with our technology, people, process and experience solutions.


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