Regulatory Compliance

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We know change happens and expectations vary with the seasons. With the ever-shifting regulatory environment and examiner’s penalties for noncompliance reaching new heights, you deserve a reliable partner you can trust. HORNE delivers leading-edge compliance and risk management solutions to institutions all sizes. Our services are far beyond a simple checklist of tasks. Our team of industry experts brings decades of experience in banking and financial services compliance.

We offer auditing and consulting services for banks to assist with all manner of regulatory compliance matters including full testing of deposit and lending compliance as well as targeted monitoring compliance services (for example, quarterly reviews over HMDA, CRA, TRID, and Fair Lending). We also offer risk assessments for regulatory compliance and BSA/AML/OFAC so that your institution can allocate resources to effectively manage risk. We also offer comprehensive BSA/AML/OFAC testing as well as in-depth guidance on common trouble areas, such as suspicious activity reporting and enhanced due diligence demands.

Prioritizing your growth using industry research and experience. 

We know we’re not the only one in this business, and it’s easy for similar firms to look the same. So, what’s the difference? At HORNE, we stay informed on regulatory issues so you can focus on growth. We don’t mind putting in the extra work to see meaningful results, and we work hard to tailor each experience to the client we’re serving. At HORNE, we believe collaboration is the key to a strong compliance management system. We maintain great relationships with regulators throughout the region, and we strive to be available to our clients to research, consult, and answer questions so that your compliance program can succeed.

We want to add value – not waste your time. Our regulatory compliance and BSA team combine years of risk management, industry experience and subject matter expertise. Our focus is to help your team identify areas of enhancement and opportunity and advance your ongoing compliance efforts.

Let us serve you! Our experienced team can help you address regulations and requirements including: 

Compliance Risk Assessments

Lending Regulatory Compliance

Deposit Regulatory Compliance

General Regulatory Compliance

BSA/AML/OFAC Compliance Audits

Bank Secrecy Act Risk Assessments

Compliance Management System Review

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