Identifying potential exposure and opportunity.

Cybersecurity is one of the leading concerns of businesses today. Our background as a leading professional services firm enables us to pinpoint solutions that go beyond security and compliance and help you realize the full value of the IT services and systems you procure.

We take a holistic approach to cybersecurity that assesses the state of your systems and processes, then makes a solid business case for our recommendations. By enabling key stakeholders to see security issues in terms of their potential business impact, we can help you move forward, keeping the focus on your top priorities.

Penetration testing


Automated solutions tend to take a defensive approach and can only go so far in testing your network and web applications. Our penetration testing evaluates common areas of vulnerability, as well as weaknesses that may be unique to your network. Our highly qualified specialists use the same tools and tactics as professional threat actors to aggressively identify, test and attack points of vulnerability. By using this intensive, hands-on approach to uncovering risks, your organization can more effectively protect your customer data, operations, physical assets, facilities — and your reputation.  

Social engineering

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Social engineering is the act of exploiting human interactions to gain unauthorized access to protected systems, data or personal information. By combining automated testing solutions with our team of cybersecurity specialists, we’re able to test your organization’s effectiveness in avoiding today’s most pervasive forms of social engineering.

Using the results of the social engineering testing, organizations are able to educate users who fall victim during the course of testing.

Enterprise risk assessment

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Our enterprise cyber risk assessment identifies immediate action items and provides an overview of the health of your organization’s environment, including policies and procedures, IT systems and securities, areas of exposure from vendors and employees and the effectiveness of your settings and controls.



As an approved CMMC Third-Party Assessor Organization™ (C3PAO), our team of CMMC-AB Registered Practitioners™ (RPs) has years of experience in providing assessment services for DoD contractors, government entities and large organizations across multiple industries.

Our CMMC Readiness Assessment is a personalized, customized approach that is designed to help you meet CMMC requirements, compete more effectively for bids and mature your cybersecurity program.

HIPAA Risk Assessment


Maintaining data security and privacy is a never-ending battle. As technology advances and your organization grows, new threats emerge. And as interactions are increasingly handled through apps and third parties, the risks of costly HIPAA violations and reputational damage increase.

Our HIPAA risk assessment not only identifies privacy and security issues, but also helps you rank and prioritize them by the level of risk, difficulty and potential cost. Together with our Healthcare team, we help you create a safer environment for your data and systems and, as a result, your patients

Cybersecurity isn’t one-size-fits-all. Let us help you discover your risks and opportunities and educate your team on the services that are the best fit for your company. Dig deeper on the process, expertise and people we use to make that happen.

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