Growth & Expansion Strategies

Profitable, sustainable and managed growth.

Growth means more than getting bigger. It means getting better. It means attaining more resources for compliance, support and services that will better serve you in the years ahead.

M&A opportunities can help you grow in size, services and resources. But the process can be complex, and thorough due diligence and planning are essential for post-integration success. If you prefer to grow organically, finding the right strategy is critical. Your long-term sustainability depends on a thoughtful approach to expansion, as well as your ability to offer rates and innovative services that build strong relationships.

However you choose to grow, HORNE can help. From identifying candidates for acquisition to completing M&A transactions and determining the best markets and strategies for organic growth, our specialists can help you with a full range of services designed to take your institution to the next level.

Our goal is to ensure your plans are guided by reliable data and that your capital strength, strategy and objectives are fully aligned to support profitable, sustainable and managed growth. Whether you are seeking to buy, sell or redevelop physical locations, HORNE helps ensure the next move you make is sustainable, successful and aligned with your strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be a smart approach for growth-oriented institutions seeking to accomplish strategic goals, including consolidating or expanding a geographic footprint, honing service offerings or freeing up resources. However, it’s important to note that an acquisition doesn’t always add to improved EPS, and regulatory hurdles can threaten the pace and effectiveness of deals.

At HORNE, we understand that identifying the right partner and getting the right price are based on a well-defined vision of where you want to grow. If you’re considering this growth avenue, HORNE can provide an objective third-party analysis of your plans and help you execute on acquisition, merger and sell transactions.

Public Offerings

For banks, an IPO can be an attractive alternative to seeking capital through private equity firms and institutional investors. But is it right for you? We can provide a reliable, proven perspective on your market and objectives. If you decide to undertake the IPO process, we can put the structure in place to demonstrate the value of your stock, create stakeholder confidence and create a foundation for success throughout your transition from privately owned to publicly held company.

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Due diligence and negotiation
  • Integration assessment and planning (strategic, operational, cultural, workforce and technology concerns)
  • Merger application packets for regulatory approval
  • Fair value/purchase accounting
  • System conversion data validation

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Acceleration & Growth

HORNE’s acceleration and growth services help you stay ahead of the change with our technology, people, process and experience solutions.


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