Business Exit Strategy

Make sure hard work has its rewards.

When you’re busy juggling projects, it’s hard to picture walking away from your business. But sooner or later, all businesses transition — whether through acquisition, inheritance, retirement or the death of the owner.

At HORNE, we take a proactive role in helping you prepare for the eventual transition of your company. We work to help shape a vision of your future and develop a strategy that will help you, your family and your business enjoy a successful transition when the time comes. By planning today, you can ensure a brighter future for everyone.

You decide your destination. We’ll help you map out a way to get there.

Selling Your Business

If selling your business is your goal, it’s never too early to start planning. Our Capital Strategies division helps you maximize the return from your years of hard work. From positioning your business for sale, to identifying potential buyers, to accessing funding and finalizing the transaction, HORNE has the expertise you need to complete the sale of your business.

Succession Planning

Building a lasting family legacy is the dream of many entrepreneurs. However, a succession plan can pose unexpected obstacles, financial and emotional. This is particularly true when there are multiple heirs involved or your company has key personnel who are integral to its operation. With a solid business exit strategy, we help you secure your own future while also plotting a successful course for your heirs and employees.

Wealth Planning

It’s not uncommon for business owners to have most of their personal wealth tied up in their business, which is particularly true in the construction business. Once a business and its assets are sold, the owner faces an array of tax ramifications, as well as the need for financial guidance.

Estate Planning

Most people associate estate planning with their senior years, something they can take care of down the road. But estate planning should be a top priority for all business owners. An unexpected illness or accident could leave your business in disarray and create unnecessary legal and financial uncertainties for your family. We can work with you to remedy this situation by ensuring any needed wills, living wills, trusts and other documents are in place.

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