Respond with confidence to COVID-19 challenges.

COVID-19 presents new operations, funding and compliance challenges for local governments, state agencies and healthcare entities. With a history of service in crisis situations, HORNE has developed methods to speed up recovery processes and deliver results quickly.

Funding Programs


Homeowner Assistance Fund

COVID-19 caused financial hardship for numerous Americans, causing them to miss payments for the most basic living expenses. The Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) provides an opportunity to help homeowners hit the hardest get back to normal and strengthen our communities. HORNE is helping states plan and manage this money to quickly get homeowners the help they need to remain in their homes. From program management to disbursement and mortgage servicer relations, we have the expertise to help you develop and implement your HAF plan.


Emergency Rental Assistance Programs

Stable housing is the backbone of a robust and growing economy, and for many residents, COVID-19 disrupted their employment and their ability to pay rent. Congress recognized the instability COVID-19 introduced and acted, instituting an eviction moratorium and appropriating $25 billion for an Emergency Rental Assistance Program. HORNE’s turnkey approach to programs provides states a full-service solution to quickly get landlords and tenants the help they need.

HORNE offers a full-service solution, easily deployed to implement Emergency Rental Assistance Programs.


American Rescue Plan

ARP funding is one of the largest fiscal advances to state and local government budgets in recent history. With strategic planning, these fiscal recovery funds can stabilize, revitalize and position communities for short-term benefits and a stronger long-term future.

With 15+ years of experience working with federal recovery funds, we have the subject matter experts to maximize these recovery funds, ensure compliance and help communities make decisions for a healthier long-term future.

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Cares Act Funding

By December 31, 2021, states were required to maximize funding disbursements and strategically invest in solutions that ignite the economy, bolster public confidence and shore up municipal governments. These CARES Act funds will revitalize your communities and improve the lives of your residents now and into the future.

For your recovery program to be a success, you will need to execute quickly, manage responsibly and focus on the future. HORNE mobilized within 24 hours to support a state in CARES Act oversight.  In one week, $23M was approved for state disbursement to immediately help those in need.


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48 hrs
HORNE provided emergency services for a state labor agency, launching full-scale contact center technology within 48 hours

Speed & Scale

HORNE provided the following emergency services for a state labor agency:

  • Launched training within 8 hours of contract
  • Launched full-scale contact center technology within 48 hours
  • Onboarded 100+ team members in less than 48 hours
  • Launched all operations to serve the client in 3 business days

Efficiency & Results

HORNE was hired by a state unemployment agency that had experienced a 600% increase in workload and unemployment claim filings.

In less than one week, we deployed full-service call center operations, tripling the capacity of the agency team, and initiated robotic process automation, which decreased the claim processing time by 250%.

Tasks that previously required days now will take only minutes, drastically improving service to the citizens who need it the most.

In less than one week, we deployed full-service call center operations, tripling the capacity of the agency team, and initiated robotic process automation, which decreased the claim processing time by 250%.


HORNE offers a menu of services that have been built out specifically for COVID-19 funding.


Program Planning and Design

Our expertise in implementing programs for COVID-19 recovery enables us to bring you planning and design practices based on practical experience.

Program Management and Administration

After reviewing your state’s most significant challenges, our team of experts will present a menu of eligible program options to best serve your outstanding needs. Our program approach ensures compliance while simultaneously resulting in long-term beneficial community outcomes.

Fiscal Budgeting

HORNE has experience in all facets of program setup and disbursement of COVID-19 federal funds. We help design a strategic spending plan by identifying areas of need to maximize funds to not only support the short-term benefits of this funding but the long-term community planning needs.

Program and Case/Applicant Management

Working in partnership with you, we bring best practices and practical program concepts to expedite the delivery of financial assistance.

Our case management team guides applicants through the process and supports them with frequent updates and guidance. Our case managers are trained on industry best practices including, but not limited to, exceptional customer service, confidentiality, application intake and eligibility determinations.

Call Center Services

We know that the call center function is a significant gateway to funding programs. Our empathetic and knowledgeable customer service representatives instill public confidence with its ability to help and encourage participation.

Data Collection, Eligibility and Underwriting Services

HORNE has supported the data collection and eligibility service for billions in federal recovery funds. Our process is designed to provide thorough, efficient and consistent eligibility determinators. We ensure end-to-end compliance, which includes working closely with applicants as needed for clarification and supporting documentation.

Disbursement Capabilities

Our goal is to afford you the flexibility necessary to process disbursements.  HORNE will listen to your needs and the local community’s needs to develop disbursement strategies in compliance with U.S. Department of the Treasury guidance.

Operations Support

COVID-19 has placed a tremendous burden on states responding to citizen’s need. We can respond quickly to your needs by mobilizing within 24-hours of being issued a Notice to Proceed. Additionally, we can deploy Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enhance productivity, accuracy and cost-efficiency. RPA automates repetitive processes in workplaces allowing for greater compliance.

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