Tax Compliance & Planning

We care about your success.

At HORNE, we offer a courtesy tax review of prior year filings to identify missed opportunities. We strive to thoroughly understand your situation in order to make the best recommendations on a go-forward basis. 

The majority of business decisions have tax implications; whether it’s an acquisition, updating brand standards or exiting the business, understanding the tax ramifications can have a profound impact on your bottom-line results.

Our tax team helps our clients see beyond preparation and compliance. We work closely with you to ensure that you weave the tax implications into your decision making. Our Tax Compliance & Planning Solutions can help with mandatory filings and reporting to giving you a strategic edge.

“one of the greatest things about having horne part of my team is i’m never “in the dark” with income taxes. before, i never knew what to expect until it was time to file and pay. now, i’m always aware in advance and know why.”

Dennis M.

Tax Planning & Strategy

Changes to the tax code continue to create both complexities and opportunities for businesses. At HORNE, we help you to navigate the compliance intricacies of the new code, show you how taxes will impact your business and assist in developing strategies to turn compliance mandates into growth opportunities.

We can give you new perspectives on:

  • Business and personal tax projections
  • Proactive tax planning
  • Entity structure review and selection
  • Accounting methodology changes
  • Tax payment scheduling
  • Cost segregation
  • Value and cash flow maximization
  • Accounting methodology changes
  • Personal tax services
  • Tax payment scheduling
  • Cost segregation
  • Value and cash flow maximization

Tax Compliance

Operating in multiple markets presents unique tax challenges for franchise owners. You face a myriad of tax requirements and compliance issues, particularly in areas where reporting tips and franchise fees come into play. We can help you prepare returns, reports, filings and schedules in compliance with all federal, state and local tax laws.

Tax compliance solutions include:

  • Federal, state and local tax filings
  • Personal income tax filings
  • Fixed asset reporting and guidance
  • Business license tax filings
  • Loan covenant compliance reporting
  • Personal property tax return preparation and filing
  • Annual reports
  • Census reports
  • Privilege license returns
  • Industry-specific tax and license filings

Tax Representation

Statistically, private business owners run an above-average risk of an audit or tax inquiry. HORNE can help minimize the time, stress and distraction of dealing with the IRS and other tax agencies. By acting as your intermediary, we interface with state and federal tax personnel to provide the responses and documentation needed to resolve any inquiries.

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