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A Professional Services Firm

HORNE is a professional services firm founded on a cornerstone of public accounting. Our CPA heritage brings trust and discipline to our brand. Strategic choices brought us the talent, skills and mindset to solve our clients’ biggest issues.

As tireless stewards of the resources and confidence entrusted to us, we reach further. We ask harder questions, knowing that when we push, we find. We uncover insights and reveal solutions.

We anticipate and navigate uncertainty and certainty alike – with confidence. Because we know the right solutions are more than possible. They are inevitable with the right people, experience, skill and resolve.

We offer perspective and vision beyond the moment. We look to the horizon. We challenge the status quo because we know there is more. We inspire and cultivate potential. In service, we collaborate to build – and rebuild – a fuller tomorrow for our clients, our employees, our families, our communities and our world.


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The Client Experience:
Our Differentiator

We operate like we own a piece of our client’s business and rally around our common purpose – delivering with care – guiding through uncertainties to the opportunities ahead.

In this world of rapid change, few companies feel prepared for the risks and disruption caused by technology, regulations, talent shortages and competition. Whether we are supporting a private, public or government organization, our industry-specialized teams bring empirical knowledge. We are committed to helping you build operational efficiencies, manage risk, ensure compliance, prevent surprises and pursue opportunities.

We help clients become anticipatory. We help them think through options and manage change from the inside out so they can direct their futures, not have their futures directed for them.

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