Managed Accounting Services

We understand franchise.

Trust us to manage your day-to-day bill pay, bookkeeping, payroll and tax services while our team of industry experts guides you to make better decisions through tax and financial planning, operational consulting, benchmarking and more.

We don’t simply record and tally numbers; our value is listening and helping you to achieve your goals. From growing your business to succession planning, we are here for you.

You take care of business.
We’ll handle the details.

Outsourced CFO

It’s a common situation: As you grow, you reach a point where you need a more sophisticated level of strategic guidance — but you don’t have the budget to justify hiring an experienced CFO.   

With HORNE’s outsourced CFO services, you can leverage our executive-level experience of over 40 years in the franchise industry serving more than 3,000 units — at a fraction of the cost — to ensure that your strategic goals and financial operations are aligned for long-term success.

Financial Compilation & Reporting

Numbers guide strategic decisions. Whether you’re running the business day-to-day, planning an acquisition or making an additional capital investment, success depends on an honest and objective view of your financial and operational performance.

With our financial compilation solutions, you’ll always have access to the timely and accurate reporting you need to make decisions with greater confidence.

  • Financial statement preparation with P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements
  • Deposit verification and bank reconciliation
  • Sales and use tax filings
  • General ledger detailed reporting
  • Trend reporting
  • Cash flow and EBITDA analysis
  • Franchisor profit/loss reporting
  • Strategic collaboration on brand developments, trends and insights

Accounts Payable & Cash Management

Healthy cash flow provides peace of mind and is crucial for achieving your goals. Your cash position and financial standing impact your ability to secure capital and grow.

We can help manage your cash flow more effectively by monitoring your payables and anticipating the financial trends of your business.

  • Weekly invoice and payment processing
  • Aging payables schedule
  • Cash flow reporting and planning
  • 1099 processing and filing
  • Vendor maintenance and communication
  • Duplicate payment oversight
  • Invoice approval workflow process
  • Repair and maintenance management system

Payroll Solutions

Take away the stress of payroll and leave the details to us. With franchise clients in 48 states, we stay up to date on all state and local regulations. HORNE’s outsourced payroll solutions enable you to operate confidently in any market.

HORNE offers:

  • Direct deposit, paycard or payroll check processing and reporting package
  • Complex calculations of split pay, meal breaks, holiday pay and spread of hours
  • Updates and tracking of minimum wage changes
  • Completion and filing of all federal, state and local payroll tax returns
  • Garnishment and deduction maintenance
  • Workers’ compensation audit and reconciliation assistance
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) analysis
  • ACA tracking and reporting
  • 401(k)/Simple plan deductions and submittals
  • Annual W-2 preparation and reporting
  • Employee access to paystubs, W-2s, direct deposit setup and maintenance
  • Customized onboarding solutions
  • Online benefit tracking and enrollment platform
  • Client access to employee record maintenance, payroll review and approval


You’ve got enough to worry about. HR shouldn’t be one of them. 

With constantly changing regulations, keeping up with Human Resources can be a challenge. HORNE’s HR Support Center not only provides you with the information to keep up with changes, it also has the resources to support your everyday operations.

  • On-Demand access to a dedicated team of HR professionals
  • HR concierge live chat
  • Federal and state law library
  • Law alert notifications
  • Sexual harassment prevention training
  • Trainings on-demand
  • New hire kits
  • Customized handbooks and updates
  • Policy customization
  • Custom job descriptions

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Acceleration & Growth

HORNE’s acceleration and growth services help you stay ahead of the change with our technology, people, process and experience solutions.


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