Growth & Maintenance

Increase your practice’s value by analyzing business performance as you improve and grow.

Analyze your financial and clinical data to grow.

Better decisions begin with better data. HORNE will help you grow your practice, maximize profits, increase your market share and boost your bottom line while also allowing you to maintain control by analyzing your financial and clinical data.

We help you maximize growth while taking away the stress of managing your business. We provide tips to diversify your practice, help you form an independent DSO, provide marketing services to attract new patients and even conduct a market analysis to help you add locations.

Through our fully customizable, web-based dashboard, you have access to financial and operational data and consulting services to make informed and confident business decisions.

Maximize the value of your dental practice. Maintain control as your practice grows.

Our Growth & Maintenance Services

It’s important to invest in the growth and maintenance of your dental practice over the years so you can increase its value and secure a profitable ROI.

Whether that growth comes from increasing your operating capacity, bringing on an associate or adding locations and increasing market share, we are prepared to guide your practice to more profitability and put more money back in your pocket.

Examples of the types of services we offer practices in the growth and maintenance phase are:

  • Revenue generation options: assess operatory capacity, analyze profitability by procedure codes, evaluate hygiene vs. treatment mix and payor mix
  • Overhead management: assess personnel, supplies, advertising, facilities and operational costs and benchmark against industry standards and your budgeted goals
  • Cash flow management: manage cash flow to maximize the investment in your business
  • Market share and growth opportunity analysis
  • Equipment purchase ROI analysis
  • Tax efficiencies for the practice
  • Associate onboarding consulting
  • OSHA and ADA consulting, as well as reminders for licensing and credentialing
  • HIPAA privacy and consulting

Our Tailored Solutions For the Industry

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Acceleration & Growth

HORNE’s acceleration and growth services help you stay ahead of the change with our technology, people, process and experience solutions.


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