Get the optimum price for your practice when it’s time to sell.

Secure optimum value for your practice.

After patient care, a main goal of a practice owner should be to maximize the economic benefits achieved from the eventual change in ownership.

HORNE will assist you in determining the value of your practice, carrying out your transition plan and preparing your practice for successful succession. Our financial advisors will work with you to advise you on the sale of your practice each step of the way.

Our goal is to increase the value of what you’ve built and/or to help you decide when or if you should sell. If it is advantageous to sell, we can help you find a win-win for the seller and buyer.

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Guidance through the transition process to maximize your profit.

Our Succession Services

Successful practice succession is one of the most important strategic decisions you will make. By working closely with you to develop a strategy in advance, we can help ensure the ultimate success of — and secure the optimum value from — your transaction.

Whether you are on the buy-side or sell-side of a transaction, we will guide you through the entire M&A life cycle, from identification of potential buyers or acquisition targets to the deal closing, and through the operational integration of the purchased practice.

To know if there’s an advantage for you to sell now, it’s important to have an advisory team like HORNE that knows your financial and practice goals. We analyze the data, as well as current and future industry trends and demographics, to quickly help you understand whether a particular deal is good.

HORNE can help you understand a multitude of succession factors through our services:

  • How reduced compensation, as the result of sale, compares to not selling and having access to all profits of the business
  • How tax rates can affect the appeal of the offer
  • The best time to sell to maximize profit at your practice’s most valuable point
  • Financial planning for retirement
  • HIPAA privacy and consulting

Our Tailored Solutions For the Industry

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Acceleration & Growth

HORNE’s acceleration and growth services help you stay ahead of the change with our technology, people, process and experience solutions.


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