Three comprehensive tax & economic resources for you

We enter 2024 in volatile times, with economic conditions defying many recession predictions (largely driven by end-of-year consumer spending), global conflicts, and a looming presidential election. On top of that, it’s tax season, and our team will be especially hard at work between now and the April deadline to ensure our clients are well taken care of. (This is a reminder to check whether you need to respond to a document request from your tax professional!)

The following three resources can help you build and protect your business by (1) understanding beneficial tax strategies, (2) helping a mobile workforce remain compliant with relevant law, and (3) considering macroeconomic factors as you make long-term decisions about investments, M&A, and growth. Each resource is a comprehensive PDF brought to you exclusively by HORNE in partnership with CICPAC (a group for accountants with unique construction expertise). You are welcome to share these PDFs with anyone at your company who might benefit from them.

Resource 1: Tax Planning Opportunities 

Construction tax and accounting is complicated and it’s imperative that you work with a professional who understands how to get the most out of the IRS’ guidelines without crossing the line.

Resource 2: Dec. 2023 Economic Newsletter Report 

A detailed perspective on what the Fed is likely to do regarding interest rates in the short term, with a healthy dose of long-term perspective—and a number of other data points to consider.

Resource 3: 2023 Mobile Workforce Whitepaper

So much of the construction industry depends on being able to get to a project’s location, and this mobility raises unique issues around covering or reimbursing your workforce’s costs. This comprehensive document provides up-to-date guidance on handling and reporting this and is essential as you work with your accountant.

Our team is dedicated to supporting your business’s financial health and compliance. Explore these resources and considerations for informed decision-making, and contact one of our experts today to learn more. 



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