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Program Management

Maximize the impact of public assistance.

HORNE builds its programs with successful outcomes in mind and then develops the plans, systems and workflow processes to match the program’s unique requirements.

We collaborate to establish procedures using best practices from similar programs. Together we establish schedules, financial budgets, key performance metrics, documented workflows and program controls to meet your objectives.

Our goal is to guide you through regulatory compliance issues and provide transparent progress reporting until a successful closeout is complete. 

Top 50 Program Management Firms in the U.S.

Engineering News-Record named HORNE number 11 on its 2023 list of the Top 50 Program Management Firms in the U.S. The industry publication reports on the top design firms, construction companies and projects in the U.S. and around the world.



HORNE works with clients to develop a plan quickly to make progress. This takes high-level focus outlining items like end goals, rough schedules and major milestones, general budgets, risks and areas of concern, and identification of additional stakeholders, as well as policies, procedures and guidebooks.



Programs have a defined beginning and end, making the schedule one of the most important items to ensure success.

We work closely with clients to make sure we have a solid grasp of their needs and goals, as well as local issues and regulations. HORNE’s management team ensures that all stakeholders’ concerns are addressed when developing schedules.


Performance Monitoring

HORNE has a long and successful history of performing programmatic risk assessments. Our team assesses foreseeable program risks, assigns industry performance benchmarks and determines the frequency and breadth of internal program monitoring. We update the risk assessment on a client-scheduled basis and provide program performance comparisons to the industry benchmarks assigned.


Cost Controls and Compliance with Regulatory Agencies

HORNE is one of the fastest-growing firms in the country. Clients see the benefit in our focus on compliance, budget adherence, transparency and structured systems designed to prevent error and minimize risk. Our approach is unique in our field due to the process and detail-driven skill set our team brings to the table. We develop systems with oversight from certified fraud examiners, certified government financial managers and certified internal auditors.


Risk Management and Financial Integrity

HORNE takes a disciplined approach to risk management. To assess the potential for fraud, we analyze gaps and potential areas of exposure within your control environment. We customize internal financial controls to meet the needs and mission of your agency and monitor those structures to give you continued peace of mind about the health of your financial operations.

In the event your agency faces an audit, we help you understand the process and prepare. We support your success and reduce risk by offering guidance and collaboration with management at each step of the audit process. HORNE assists in your financial processes so you can secure your financial integrity and stay focused on your mission.


Our Tailored Solutions For the Industry

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HORNE’s acceleration and growth services help you stay ahead of the change with our technology, people, process and experience solutions.


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