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Creating a sustainable tomorrow, today.

We understand the impact recovery projects can have on the environment and are committed to ensuring compliance with standards at the local, state and federal levels. Our environmental planning solutions anticipate and solve concerns so our clients can focus on delivering quality programs to their communities.

Regulatory Agency Coordination

We engage and work with regulatory agencies on your behalf in a collaborative and coordinated manner. We believe in early communications and transparent processes to facilitate a partnership-oriented process.

Operational Environmental Planning

Our team’s capabilities include operational planning to establish the level of environmental review requirements needed, tiered review process or field inspections required for your specific environmental program. 

in Complexity

Our team has experience with federal grant programs and specializes in implementing processes and procedures that simplify the compliance process.

Compliance and Documentation

We carefully document our compliant processes using GIS and other technologies to streamline the publication of Environmental Review Records (ERR) to regulatory agencies and securely store information in a proprietary system of record or your chosen system of record.   

Environmental Impact Assessments

Our experts conduct Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for clients to evaluate new development’s economic, environmental and social impact to identify the adverse effects and implement solutions. Our anticipatory and swift approach to EIA during planning enables clients to implement swift and cost-effective mitigation solutions.

Mitigation Program Requirements

HORNE’s experience in environmental mitigation allows our team to easily identify mitigation needs and outline site-specific mitigation measures to maintain compliance and minimize adverse impacts.  Our services empower state and local governments to understand environmental risks and mobilize resources to mitigate them.

Green Building Standards

HORNE oversees and ensures the compliance of Green Building Standards and Green Initiatives on federal programs while ensuring they meet industry-recognized standards that have achieved certification under at least one of the following programs: ENERGY STAR®, Enterprise Green Communities, LEED, ICC–700 National Green Building Standard or EPA Indoor Air Plus (ENERGY STAR® a prerequisite).

Our mission is to improve the economy, provide resiliency and ensure a sustainable future for our clientele and the communities we serve through resilience measures that support the health and safety needs of vulnerable populations and household units.

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