Florida Nursing Home Financial Reporting Bill

Florida House Bill 539, HB 539 (2022) – Nursing Home Financial Reporting, mandates nursing homes and their home offices to submit an annual financial statement audit, including the fiscal year-end balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flow and statement of retained earnings to the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) within 120 days of their fiscal year-end. Currently, nursing homes have a 120-day timeline after their year-end to submit the documents to the state.

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What does this mean?

If a facility’s fiscal year ends in December, they must finish an audit by the end of April and submit the documents to the state. AHCA has introduced the Florida Nursing Home Uniform Reporting System (FNHURS) Online System and Manual alongside the proposed rules.

How can HORNE help?

Our Healthcare focus area is committed to providing numerous services in the long term care space all with a foundation of compliance and regulatory services: assurance and reimbursement. Our expertise enables us to navigate regulatory changes effectively. With us as your partner, our experienced team will guide you through financial statement audits and FNHURS rules, ensuring seamless transitions.

We have experience serving over 90 entities in the long-term care space.

Preparing for Your Nursing Home Audit in Florida

If you are a nursing home operator in Florida, you may be wondering how to get ready for the upcoming financial audit. Here are some essential...


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Assurance Services
Our team offers financial opinions that lend integrity and trust to your financial statements, whether it’s to satisfy state regulations, long-term debt covenants or governance requirements. Our credentialed healthcare team executes your audits to help you identify and mitigate risk and succeed in an ever-changing healthcare economy.

Reimbursement and Advisory
In our approach to preparing cost reports, we implement a thorough and systematic methodology. Our experienced team meticulously reviews and analyzes all pertinent data, examining every detail of the report to identify avenues for enhancement and efficiency. Through careful scrutiny of report trends, we uncover opportunities to increase revenue and optimize reimbursements, ultimately positioning your organization for enduring success.

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