6 Things To Look for in a Third Party Private Fund Auditor

There are many factors to consider before choosing an auditor; these 6 should be at the top of your list.

The selection of a third-party auditor for your private equity, hedge or venture capital fund is a crucial step in ensuring compliance and transparency. But in addition to helping you meet the hurdles that have been set in place by the SEC, the right auditor can also provide you with valuable insights, enhance investor confidence, and create value by providing services beyond the audit.

Before you select an independent firm to conduct audits, valuations or other key services, consider these important factors:


Even before you begin conversations, ensure that the firms you are considering have the appropriate certifications in place. In particular, the new 2023 SEC Private Fund Rules stipulate that your independent auditor must have PCAOB Certification.

Expertise in Private Fund Auditing

Ensure the auditor has specific expertise in auditing private funds. Familiarity with industry regulations and standards is crucial for accurate and reliable audits. While many firms may have experience in conducting audits, only a minority of them may have personnel on staff who have actually worked inside the industry. Having a former adviser on board can provide your auditor with an added level of insight into the realities, challenges and expectations that are part of your world.

Reputation and Experience

In addition to considering the size and the number of years a firm has been in business, make an effort to determine their reputation in the marketplace. Certifications or memberships in industry associations will speak to their level of expertise. Asking for client references will give you a clearer view of the level of professionalism, service, communication, and overall quality of work they maintain.


Fees, expenses and costs of private funds can vary widely. The same can be said for accounting, auditing and consulting firms. Come to a clear understanding of the auditor’s fee structure. Make sure it aligns with your budget and expectations. Remember that cost isn’t always a reflection of quality; sometimes, it is impacted simply by the size, overhead, region or policies of the firm in question.

Scope Of Services And Expertise

Retaining a firm with a comprehensive range of tax, financial and accounting services is beneficial for a number of reasons. In addition to bring a broader set of skills to the table, such firms typically have a true culture of compliance. They can also apply their knowledge to helping you mitigate risk and improve performance in other areas.

Technology and Tools

Consider the auditor’s use of technology and tools for auditing. Advanced tools can improve accuracy and provide more detailed insights. They can also greatly expedite the process, ensuring that both internal and external deadlines are met.

Selecting the right third-party auditor for your private fund is a decision that requires careful consideration. By evaluating these six essential factors, you can choose an auditor who can help you ensure compliance, enhance transparency, and instill confidence in investors.


As a Top 25 Accounting Firm, HORNE has the expertise and capabilities that Private Fund Advisers need — including the mandatory PCAOB Certification that is required by the new SEC rules. To find out more about the 2023 SEC Private Fund Rules and how you can ensure compliance, contact us today to arrange a no-obligation, complimentary consultation.




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