Our cyber assurance specialists help you protect vital patient information and lower the risks of potentially costly cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity is today’s number one business risk.

With cybercrime on the rise, the patients and stakeholders you serve need to feel you have secure, up-to-date systems, strategies and technology in place to protect your data and operations.

Our offensive approach is a proactive stance that hunts threats, uncovers hidden risks to strengthen your resilience and allows you to leverage technology to improve care, power innovation and fuel growth.

Our healthcare team works with HORNE Cyber specialists to build cyber resilience while continually keeping pace with changing business demands.

It’s a risky world. Let’s make it safer.

Advanced Penetration Testing

Our cyber team manually conducts simulated attacks to uncover vulnerabilities that may exist in your systems. This approach uncovers 80% more vulnerabilities than traditional automated approaches, helping better ensure your operations are not compromised.

Cyber Assurance

New applications, mobile devices, IT vendors and even employees create risk and increase the complexity of compliance. To reduce IT risk and provide remediation options, our cyber assurance specialists can provide an objective and thorough review of the efficiency and effectiveness of your control structures, staffing and procedures.

Threat Runner

Ransomware attacks are more threatening, costly and impactful to healthcare providers. Threat Runner safely simulates authentic ransomware infections on your network and equips your team to be better prepared for an attack. Your team will be able to make strategic decisions to improve data separation, network segmentation and user permissions.

Managed Threat Hunting

When your IT staff is inundated with security alerts, how can you monitor, prioritize and respond to them all? Our 24/7 Cybersecurity Operations Center, staffed by an elite team of specialists, makes security monitoring our focus, not yours. This frees your IT team to concentrate on its top priority: keeping your systems and devices running to serve your patients.

Digital Forensics & Incident REsponse

Cybercriminals and malicious insiders often leave behind a digital trail of evidence. In the wake of a breach, you must quickly respond and minimize the damage. Our team can determine what happened, assess the impact, recommend immediate actions and provide insights to lessen the risk of future events. We use advanced forensic analysis to examine whether the attack exposed sensitive data, which determines whether you must comply with expensive breach notification requirements.

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