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Are you the CEO, CFO or other senior leader of a rural hospital?

Let us give you 2-3 data analytics ideas you can implement immediately to improve some part of your rural hospital. This is a complimentary phone call, with no strings attached.

The HORNE REDi Health team has a demonstrated history of turning data analytics into insights that will drive operational, financial, and clinical outcomes for your organization.

Schedule a thirty minute call and we’ll give you immediate insights. These are the type of questions we can help you answer:

  • What percentage of claims reimbursements are getting denied? Why?
  • In what ways can I optimize my Charge Master lists?
  • What are your primary cash flow issues?
  • Where in my system do I have patient leakage?
  • Which of my clinicians are profitably delivering care? Which are not?
  • Which service lines are not profitable and what do I do about them?
  • Where is my clinical quality variance?
  • What data insights am I missing?

What is your burning question? We want to know.

We are a no-nonsense, value-driven organization that knows how much you are juggling, and we won’t waste your time, nor will we hard sell you anything.

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HORNE REDi Health is an analytics services company that helps community and rural hospitals to assess data, discover gaps and deliver quick-win recommendations leading to outsized gains.

HORNE REDi Health has worked with Top 100 health systems across the country to help them better utilize data to improve care and financial outcomes. They have been using this knowledge gained from large-scale systems to support rural healthcare providers in their vital work for underserved populations.