Medicare Reimbursement


Take a closer look at your government reimbursements.

Gaps in reimbursement strategies are causing you to lose millions of dollars in Medicare Bad Debt reimbursements each year. Staffing issues, new processes and government regulations all contribute to dollars falling through the cracks, going uncollected.

HORNE experts will partner with you to review every Medicare dollar reported in years past, verify where it went and what was lost.


So far, we’ve been 100% successful in finding additional value, averaging a minimum of $1 million in additional cash added to our client’s budgets.

The dollars are there, we can help you find them.

Using just a few key pieces of data, we use our proprietary software to sort through claims and pinpoint the exact amounts that were unclaimed, then we work with you to claim them. All performance-based fees, if we don’t find anything, there is no cost to the client.

Medicare Reimbursement

HORNE experts understand both Medicare reimbursement and data in the healthcare industry. Contact us to learn about how our proprietary analytic tools resolve discrepancies, identify missed value and find unrecovered dollars.

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