Community Development Financial Institutions

For Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), the ability to secure certification, grants and funding is central to fulfilling their mission to improve historically disadvantaged neighborhoods. HORNE provides the added insights needed not merely to comply but to succeed.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, CDFIs need a partner that is large enough to provide the insights and niche expertise they need, yet responsive and nimble enough to act quickly. We deliver the capabilities and the agility to help you further your mission and your success.

Skills your CDFI needs to succeed.

CDFIs face a unique set of challenges: They must successfully embrace the fiscal requirements of a financial institution, the regulatory demands of government agencies and the community-focused commitment of a nonprofit. Succeeding in this environment demands more than accounting expertise; it requires a balanced perspective that takes all stakeholders, objectives and concerns into consideration.

HORNE equips CDFI clients with two important advantages: First, from our founding, we have focused on the financial sector as one of our key audiences and have assembled a team with a proven record of experience in meeting our stakeholders’ needs. Second, our extensive background with federal agencies including working with pandemic and emergency relief programs — enables us to help CDFIs navigate the maze of regulatory hurdles to attract funding and operate in a compliant manner.


Financial Integrity

We work with your team to ensure accurate financials and help you implement processes designed to capture opportunity while minimizing risk.


Risk Management

Taking a holistic, risk-focused approach to your entire enterprise management, HORNE strengthens your risk coverage so you can operate efficiently, enjoy peace of mind and realize a sustainable capacity for growth.


Strategic Consulting

By combining our strong analytical skills, personal knowledge of your organization and extensive background in the financial sectors, we’re able to provide a fresh perspective in key areas of your business.


Regulatory Compliance

Knowing which regulations to prioritize is as important as knowing how to respond. HORNE proactively monitors regulations and laws impacting financial institutions.


Growth & Expansion Strategies

Growth means more than getting bigger. It means getting better. It means attaining more resources for compliance, support and services that will better serve you in the years ahead.


CDFI Certification

CDFI Certification can give you access to the funding and affordable financial products needed to improve underserved communities. If you’re a bank, lender, investment firm or other organization seeking CDFI organization, HORNE can help.

Our extensive experience working with government agencies can give you an advantage in preparing the data, documentation and records needed to attain certification, apply for grants, secure funding and meet regulatory requirements. 

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Our Industry

Whether you’re seeking certification as a CDFI, trying to attract private investors, interested in retaining capabilities you may not have on staff or trying to find ways to secure grants and loans, HORNE can help guide your efforts and steer you toward your goals.

Acceleration & Growth

HORNE’s acceleration and growth services help you stay ahead of the change with our technology, people, process and experience solutions.


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